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Inspired by bucolic atmospheres and themes that explore the most intimate feelings, Tequila Funk Experience propose an unpredictable rock held by folk and blues roots, which vocal harmonies and various features can rely on.

As a long journey, their guitars adroitly bounce between vigorous and airy sounds while the intersection of dynamics creates bright, blooming and dreamy atmospheres. While going beyond various psychedelic paths, they never miss a choral sense of unity that distinguishes them in paths that sometimes melt and mix with dream.

Conceptually, Tequila Funk Expereince care about specific topics such as "green revolution" and "zero impact". Their self-produced album (strictly according to the philosophy of '90s DIY), is entirely made from recycled paper, without the physical presence of the cd, since they want to give their priority to "digital downloads" (directly from their website

In their gigs, they often give space to different background artists who share these topics by giving rise to real "performing art events", where any kind of visual art is hosted (they have collaboration with the illustrator Lucio Cavallari, founder of "Cogito ergo summer" collective and the association of architects "Basso Profilo").

“Anyone who listens to us, without distinction, should identify with our sound and our art project”.


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